Annual Conference "Investments and Construction of residential buildings 2015"

What lies behind the successfully completion of residential buildings? The answer in general is: A number of factors and processes and their correct coordination - from the market environment and the idea to the conception and planning, financing, designing, construction, market realization and management. Behind all these processes there are groups of professionals, but the goal is the same - the end product to serve the users effectively, while to meeting the expectations of the investor.

The Annual Conference "Investments and Construction of residential buildings 2015", that was held on 12th May 2015, outlined and summarized the main trends and the good models in the separate parts along the road of the investment process.

Among the highlights of the program were:

● Investments in residential projects. Мultifamily residential buildings for permanent living and gated residential complexes. Specific features of the residence as a long-term product – resistant in time and the changes in the requirements of the market. New projects and concepts.

● The challenges before investors and owners of residential buildings determined by the normative base in Bulgaria

● The challenges in designing contemporary residential buildings

● Enhancing the comfort of living, maximizing safety, optimizing operating costs by implementing smart building solutions and products

● The one-family residential building and its role in increasing the inhabitant’s the standard of living